Biden’s Secret Spending Weapon - A Trillion Dollar Coin



There’s a ticking time bomb that could potentially destroy your financial future…
The Biden Administration could issue a trillion dollar coin as a way to bypass congress and get his way…

And it could have catastrophic consequences for your personal wealth.

It’s called the “platinum coin loophole”, and it’s a way for the government to circumvent congress and spend money any way they see fit.

But does the Biden Administration want to mint such a coin?

Considering their appetite for outlandish spending, one could assume they do. Especially as a way to stick it to the Republicans (the Freedom Caucus, in particular).

The real question is, would they?

Know one knows for sure, but this goes far beyond the Biden Administration.

Look at how much money was spent during the Covid-19 pandemic. Or just take a gander at our national debt.

We’re 31 trillion dollars in the hole and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

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